Timothy Dobson has taught the Dances of Universal Peace in weekly classes along Colorado's Front Range for the past 25 years. A graduate of Naropa University with a B.A. in Music/Psychology, he focused his senior project on the Healing Properties of Sacred Dances. In 1992, he received ordination as Interfaith Minister through completing a two-year program with the New Seminary in New York City.

The ministry which Timothy offers includes officiating at weddings and memorials, songwriting, choreography, conducting solstice and equinox celebrations at the Starhouse/All Seasons Chalice.

In order to expand the presence of Interfaith community in the Boulder/Denver area, in 1994, Timothy founded the Spiritkeepers Interfaith Fellowship. The Fellowship serves to nurture and expand the sacred in each other through participation in The Dances of Universal Peace, experiential exploration of ancient and modern wisdom traditions, and building a diverse spiritual community where all paths are honored.

Timothy's work has taken him to various international locations including the Middle East, Mexico, India, Russia, and points in Europe, as well as extensive travels in the U.S. His roles and services include:

  • Leading workshops
  • Guest speaking at Churches
  • Mentoring and training new dance leaders
  • Presenting to University classes
  • Facilitating Peace Dances at conferences
  • Hosting seasonal celebrations
  • Producing dance resource materials
  • Directing week-long camps
  • Serving on Camp Faculty
  • Coaching dance leaders on community building

Timothy met his wife Vera Kalmykova Dobson while teaching at an international dance camp north of St. Petersburg, Russia. They live in Boulder, Colorado.